Carabao Island

Carabao Island sits quietly in the shadow of Boracay. It’s been described as ‘Boracay 20 years ago …’. To me, it was a welcome relief to the crowds of her sister island. However, that’s all slowly changing:


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Living In Boracay Island

Boracay Island in the Philippines has been one of the favorite tourist destinations for people visiting the country. Its white sandy beaches, clear blue sea, delicious food and accommodating people make it seem like a paradise. No wonder that it has been voted one of the best places in the world a few times. Because of this, a lot of people are considering to relocate and live on this beautiful island.

Blue Waters of Boracay, Philippines at dusk.

Blue Waters of Boracay, Philippines at dusk. (Photo credit: Wikipedia).

There are already quite a number of foreign expats currently living in Boracay, some own beach resorts or they own/rent a house for themselves. But living in Boracay Island needs a lot of consideration. You need to do a lot of research before you make the move.

The first thing you need to consider is in terms of money. Because Boracay is a well-known tourist spot, you can expect that owning land or property is very expensive. The cost of houses and properties are more expensive than many other places in the Philippines. Even though the cost of living is cheaper compared to other countries, it is still considered as expensive if you compare it to other cities within the country.

In terms of transportation, you have to travel by plane, bus and a ferry just to go to the island itself. It can take some time before you can go to other areas outside the island. But travelling within the island itself is not really a problem. There are plenty of tricycles, passenger jeepneys and vans to use.

When it comes to internet and phone access, there’s really no problem at all, since major telephone and broadband companies provide services in the island. There are plenty of markets and restaurants, so getting food is not a problem. And if you are a type of person who likes going to clubs and bars to get some drinks and have a party from time to time, there are plenty to choose from in the area.

Boracay Island FAQ’s

boracay beach

boracay beach (Photo credit: Dave Borghuis)

Boracay Island is among the world’s most beautiful holiday destinations. In recent years the island has soared in popularity, which has led to a growing cosmopolitan population and rapid development. This brief article will touch on common tourist FAQ’s:

Where Is Boracay Island?

Of the 4,000 islands that constitute the Philippines, Boracay is arguably the most beautiful. The island is based in the north-west and resides on the northern tip of Panay. The island is around 7km long, its shape is often likened to a dog bone or dumbbell.

How To Get To Boracay Island …

Traveling to Boracay isn’t without complications. The island’s location means you’ll need to stagger your journey in stages. European and American tourists typically travel by plane via Manila and Caticlan airport, based in Aklan. Tourist’s who wish to stay for over 3 weeks will need to file an application with the Philippine Embassy in their country of origin.

For smooth transfers, we recommend Cebu Airlines and South West Tours.

Best Time To Go To Boracay …

Conditions on Boracay shift violently through the year and are distinguished by two distinct intervals; the dry and rainy seasons.

The dry season (Amihan) is from November to April, when Boracay is at its busiest. From Christmas through the Ati-Atihan festival Boracay is at siege. During this period accommodation prices soar. For competitive rates, consider visiting later in the year.

The rainy season (Habagat), is commonly referred to as the ‘Monsoon Season’. While the conditions scare away fair-weather tourists, it draws surfers and kite-boarding enthusiasts. On Boracay, activities abound the year through.

We hope this brief article has satisfied your quest for answers. For further information you can visit our sites, Boracay Apartments and Villas. We address these issues, competitive accommodation prices and more, in detail. Feel free to reach us with any questions.