The Pros And Cons Of Living In Mauritius

Mauritius is a beautiful island in the Indian Ocean just east of Madagascar. It is around 1250 miles from Mozambique. Nestling there in the ocean it has recently become a popular destination for South Africans but not just to holiday there. They want to get a new start for themselves and their families living in Mauritius.


Mauritius (Photo credit: Samovar Group)

First of all it is closer to ‘home’ in South Africa with friends and family than to Europe or America. The island itself is now officially a middle income country and ranks 67th globally and second in developing countries in Africa.

The climate is perfect, the Mauritians themselves are a friendly folk, the crime rate is low and there is great food to be had. No wonder it is very appealing.

However, while salaries for ex pats are good in comparison to South Africa, the cost of living in Mauritius is relatively high, with all the basics like food and accommodation being at the top of the list. Roads can be good or nasty with potholes and the islanders have their own way of driving. Crime, on the other hand is quickly and efficiently dealt with by the local police force but the crimes are minor in nature, such as theft.

On the positive side, they have world-class schools, private of course. As the language of choice here is French, many South African children on the island become easily proficient in both French and English, which is a great advantage for them in the future.

Many immigrant ex patriots tend to settle together in the same area. Bel Ombre, Black River and Grand Baie are typical places on the island where they enjoy living. Floreal, about thirty minutes’ drive from Bel Ombre has the best clinic on the island with excellent medical care and facilities.

There are pros and cons of living anywhere and Mauritius is no exception, but for a great lifestyle it is the choice of many South Africans and travelers the world over. At Fab Mauritius Villas we’ll do our best to ensure your transition to island life is as stress-free as possible.


Enjoy All Mauritius Has To Offer

Planning a vacation but you’re tired of the same old sights you’ve seen in the years past? Are all of your friends visiting Europe and talking about how old the buildings are, but that just really isn’t your style? Why not take a trip to one of the worlds most luxurious travel spots, Mauritius?

Vacationing in Mauritius ensures you are never without something to do. The environment is suited for all kinds of travelers, ranging from its tropical beaches to the milder forests in the mountainous areas. And if you’re looking for diverse activities, look no further!

Stop by Mauritius Safari Adventures and have your very own casual stroll with some lions. You don’t need to worry, it’s perfectly safe. Enjoy the company of lions in their natural habitat, and even pose for a photo with your favorite one. Once you’re done spending time with the lions, you can easily move on and enjoy the company of cheetahs or tigers as well.

Perhaps being inches away from a pride of lions isn’t exactly your thing. Well, how about scuba diving? Mauritius is famed for its crystal clear waters and beautiful undersea life. With professional diving centers dotting the entire coast line, any skill group can experience the beauty of the underwater life while on vacation. For the true newcomer, the diving centers offer a week long special training course to help even the driest of tourist earn their water wings.

With both underwater views and up close land animal adventures, what more could there be to do in Mauritius? Skydiving, of course! Once you’ve had your fill of events on land and in the sea, hop into an airplane and enjoy a 10,000 foot skydive above the island. Take home a view of the island that your friends visiting Europe can only dream of!

With all of the exciting activities you may easily get worn out and need a refresher. Well Mauritius has just the thing, top rated spas. With world class spa centers found everywhere around the island, you can be sure to release all that stress between your cheetah runs and skydiving sessions.

And what is better than a long day filled with adventure and a spa visit, than a nightlife filled with dancing, music, and gambling? Hit up the local casinos to try your hand at some extra spending cash. Then take to the night and experience the sega dance, the national dance and music form in Mauritius. Enjoy the nightclubs and have a tropical cocktail while the music parties on around you.

And before you leave for home, be sure to stop by the various shopping areas and purchase wonderful keepsakes from your trip. Mauritius is a duty free port, so there is no reason not to indulge in a trinket or two.

Visit and enjoy Mauritius today and make your friends jealous of your vacation stories for once. After all, who among them could ever recount a tale of skydiving and running with cheetahs after a serene dive?