5 Things To Do In Mauritius For Nature Lovers

A visit to Mauritius is a treat for the senses and a respite for the soul. When you visit Mauritius, you will feel well-cared for, welcomed and appreciated, and your cares will wash away as you enjoy the clear skies, pristine beaches, virgin forests and many natural attractions Mauritius has to offer. Read on to learn about the top 5 things to do in Mauritius for nature lovers.

English: Photo of a pair of pink pigeons from ...

English: Photo of a pair of pink pigeons from Ile aux Aigrettes near Mahebourg Mauritius. Taken by Darren Hughes July 2007 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1. If you enjoy nature, there is no better way to explore than on horseback. The Centre Equestre De Riambel offers the opportunity to enjoy riding gentle, yet spirited horses along quiet, empty beaches. Riders of all levels of expertise are welcomed, and instructors are happy to spend extra time matching rider to horse and helping new riders learn the basics for a completely enjoyable experience. You will find this excellent service at Riambel, Mauritius on Montocchio Street.

2. Visitors who prefer to explore nature on foot will enjoy the Mauritius Nature Trails found in Quatre Bornes. Hike well-maintained trails to visit spectacular scenery, such as the Tamarin Waterfalls. Get up-close and personal views of rare species’ of Mauritius wildlife, such as the Pink Pigeon. From lofty peaks, you can see for miles and miles and enjoy some of the most breath-taking views on the planet. Enjoy a marvelous day of hiking, picnicking and unwinding far off the beaten path by exploring these well-cared-for, secluded nature paths.

3. An excellent Ecotourism experience can be enjoyed at Impasse de la Foret in Chamouny. Chazal Ecotourism offers a secluded getaway set in the midst of the verdant hills of southern Mauritius. This quiet, secluded setting offers the opportunity of enjoying a deep feeling of peace and serenity in a beautiful garden setting; however, if you long for a bit of adventure, that can be arranged. The management offers guided walks through the hunting reserve, river trekking and zip-line trekking for adventurous souls. The wide variety of activities make this an ideal destination for families because there is something to suit every taste. Excellent, organic meals prepared from seasonal veggies grown on-site are served in the hotel restaurant. If you can only choose one of the 5 things to do in Mauritius for nature lovers, this might be your best choice because of the variety of experiences available in one place.

4. Nature lovers interested in seeing a wide variety of animal life will enjoy Casela Nature and Leisure Park in Cascavelle. A remarkable collection of bird life, aquatic life and more are presented in a comfortable, natural, enjoyable setting. Visitors to the zoo can enjoy interaction with some gentler species of birds that are allowed to roam free throughout the zoo. The aquarium features large turtles and an interesting variety of fish species. Visitors can also enjoy lolling by ponds to view and feed colorful, friendly aquatic life.

In addition to viewing and interacting freely with the animals, visitors can enjoy a wide variety of activities. Among them are walking with a lion, enjoying buggy biking and participating in zip-lining. All in all, there are activities available for the whole family, and at the end of the day you can enjoy a delicious meal in the on-site restaurant.

5. To enjoy an excellent day at one of the best beaches in Mauritius and view a wide variety of sea life in its natural environment, be sure to visit Blue Bay Beach at Pointe d’Esny. Here, you can enjoy a gorgeous, pristine, uncluttered beach and a thoroughly enjoyable ride in a glass bottomed boat. This enjoyable experience will give you the opportunity to observe a wide variety of fishes and see lovely coral formations without disturbing the natural setting.

In addition to the 5 things to do in Mauritius for nature lovers, the island offers a world of interest, enjoyment and excitement for visitors. Book your Mauritius Villa and discover a climate that is temperate, culture diverse and food, lodging, shopping and entertainment offerings many and varied. No matter what sort of vacation you prefer, you will surely find something to satisfy your heart’s desire on the Island of Mauritius.